Data Center
Electromechanical Infrastructure Applications

Data Center infrastructure systems mainly consist of Electrical, Mechanical, Fire and Physical Security systems.

Data Center
Management Software Applications

It is the software that Data Center business owners will contact, monitor, manage their processes and receive reports most.

Data Center
Rack Cabinet

Data Center Infrastructure systems are designed for uninterrupted and efficient operation of the systems inside the cabinets.

Data Center
White Field Fiber and Copper Infrastructure Applications

Cabling is the most important parameter of Network and Server communication in Data Centers.



Professional Data Center Design Services

These are to carry out new data processing infrastructure planning and designing works focusing on the customer business objectives, so as to consider the situation analysis of existing areas and experiences gained, preferences and restrictions. The customer's layout and location restrictions, forward plans and targets, standards and recommendations, IT change tendencies will definitely be included in the work.



Professional Situation Analysis Services

These are to carry out significant measurements so to as to ensure to check whether a data center or network infrastructure has optimization needed and qualification required and to report in a format, which the customer can understand and make comparison, based on the results of such measurements taken. It is included within the initial preparation and last optimization processes in the life cycle.



Data Center Testing and Commissioning Services

Observing the maintenance and failure scenarios of the data center infrastructure systems and preparing the systems and personnel for these situations is carried out with pre-test and commissioning scenarios. Data center infrastructure systems should be tested individually as well as as a whole. Integrated system testing is performed in new data centers using fake loads that mimic these systems before active systems become operational.



Uptime Institute Certificate Programs Consultancy Services

Data center infrastructure systems are rated by the Uptime Institute (UI), an international independent institution. Rating and certification by the UI is purely advisory and is not mandatory for a data center. Organizations with data centers receive certificates at Tier-1,2,3, 4, XNUMX and XNUMX levels for data center halls for reasons such as quality, prestige and a sustainable operation.



Data Centers Value Added Maintenance Services

The performance of data centers critical infrastructure systems directly affects the performance of IT superstructure systems. For this reason, infrastructure systems are at least as critical as the superstructure systems. Periodic maintenance of infrastructure systems, failure response time and quality are among the most important factors that will carry the data center business objectives to the top. These maintenance and improvements are called value added services.


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